We'd be happy to put a dollar figure here to make your life easier... but we simply can't. It all depends on what you want from us, and what you want to achieve. 


We've had bad experiences ourselves in previous roles with consultancy contracts that we couldn't get out of. Being married to a course of action that didn't suit us, or a consultant that was out of their depth yet having a 12-month contract to fulfill never feels like a good investment. 

Which is why we don’t do this. We don't write up any contracts for our services as automotive business consultants. Typically we work with our clients on a month by month basis for as long or as short as they like, or until we achieve what success looks like to them. Bottom line is if we're doing our job well by making your business more profitable and running smoothly then our clients happily keep us on board. Many of our customers are clients that have had Supercharged Consulting as a branch of their business for 3+ years, which goes to prove our track record. 


  • We are happy to adjust our workload to suit your business, your budget, and your needs

  • No lock-in contracts

  • Hire us for one-off projects, or for ongoing consultancy

  • Ongoing consultancy is like having another staff member's labour on call. Use us for the tasks you don't know how to do or don't want to do


We have found through experience that the most effective way to maximise your profitability and efficiency, whilst minimising waste and the stress that goes hand-in-glove with a lack of direction is for us to take stock of your business via complete overview.


What we can do is physically visit a business over a 1 or 2 day period assessing the entire operation from top to bottom; covering everything from staff assets and/or requirements, service and product development, service training, marketing, better develop distribution deals, the workshop itself and the procedures that are run throughout the business, to name a few things.


We then work with you and consult on what options we know will work and are available to more efficiently run a successful automotive business, and expand the more profitable (yet sometimes elusive) sides of your company.


Having performed this exact role previously for companies of varying sizes has given us a unique perspective on automotive businesses - which is exactly the specialised expertise we can offer you. 


If there are parts of your business that have either fallen by the wayside due to there being only so many hours in your day, or if you just require a fresh set of eyes to look at the shop then we dare say there’s merit in having a closer look at what we can do for you. This is also what makes us unique – both old school and new school experience will be at your disposal.

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