If you search online for a ‘business consultant’, ‘marketing consultant’ or ‘business coach’ – you will not be short on options. Like most things, having such a large array can often make for an intimidating and very tiring experience trying to find ‘the right one’.

Not all businesses benefit from the same remedies, which unfortunately is the sort of lazy thinking of many consultants. Would you run your automotive business in the same manner as a hairdressing salon for instance? Or are your customers markedly different, with unique wants and needs? 


This is what makes Supercharged Consulting different to every other consulting firm in Australia. Automotive businesses have unique issues to overcome when compared to other industries:


  • A sometimes difficult customer base, who are often also fiercely loyal to the brands they trust

  • Industry terminology, products, and services that are not understood by general purpose consultants

  • Unique employee dynamics

  • Specialised advertising mediums


If you’re working in the automotive industry, we’re sure you know what we’re talking about!


What we can help you achieve:

  • Maximize the profitability of your workshop, dyno, sales team, or outbound sales reps

  • Lift the value of your brand to differentiate it in the market

  • Increase the exposure of product and service offerings

  • Spread the word to both your current customer base as well as to new customers

  • Not only do we consult, but we can also help with the heavy lifting by doing the work on your behalf for specific projects. This is especially beneficial for smaller businesses that lack manpower and expertise



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