Every automotive business; whether it be a workshop, sole-trader, a manufacturer or a supplier, has its own unique challenges to overcome. Moreover, many businesses that employ us have been around for some time, and so it is rare that there are a set of simple resolutions to many of the issues they currently face – if it were so black and white, they would’ve been implemented already!


This is where Supercharged Consulting comes in. By taking an in-depth look into your business, we can offer you tweaks, solutions or training in how to overcome those problems that have been around for years or are only now just starting to rear the head.


Not only do we offer solutions to the challenges your business faces, but we also can do the work for you. We've found that the overwhelming majority of our clients are incredibly time poor, so let us take some of the work off your hands. We have the experience and expertise to help, so give us a call.


The following is a guide on some areas we investigate when assessing and ultimately ‘fine tuning’ an automotive business:


Social Media

  • Can be time-consuming and not particularly effective unless managed correctly. When handled well, the sky is truly the limit. We can train you in how to best maximise exposure of your posts and ads through this mobile medium, or simply do it for you if you prefer.

  • Not usually taken advantage of well by the automotive aftermarket, however the possibilities are there if the due diligence is invested.


  • Current research states anywhere between 81% - 93% of 18-59 year old customers view a business’ website and/or social media outlets before making a purchasing decision. Typically the phone call following this investigation is simply to qualify their already-made decision to purchase from you.
  • Thanks to extensive experience developing, leading the design of and managing performance based websites, we will be able to guide you and help re-vamp your older, tired website which may not truly represent what you can provide your customers. If you currently do not have a website, we can help you through the maze of offerings to maximise your impact and minimise the cost of doing so.


  •  Location; how to best make use of the current location / demographic.

  • Does the company use its capabilities to the best effect?
  • Most efficient layout of the facility, equipment, expertise, staff number and duties, location, capabilities.
  • Existing floor space and facilities – taking into account time and motion.


  • We help you to develop tactics to expand your current sales.

  • Ways and means of improving closing rates, provide up-selling and cross-selling skills.
  • Diversification.
  • Having assessed one’s market, suggestions are made on possible diversification of product and services.
  • Developing your own products; this can potentially be a make it or break it exercise. If attempted with due diligence and knowledge, one’s own bespoke product(s) are not merely what is seen to set them apart, but with proper management and cost  minimisation it can result in profitability maximised far in advance of supplier products. 

Showroom / Workshop

  • Suggestions on layout.

  • The art of selling is caressed; the concept of impulse buying and that feel-good factor are investigated and procedures and proven tactics provided.

  • Office space and/or Workshop floor: Maximise these spaces for time and motion.

  • Exterior: Location / aspect / parking / signage / impact and more must be considered.


  • Keeping tabs on the opposition is wise; particularly should a company invest in a bespoke product or products that the competition attacks. The intent is that you become a leader, not a follower. We work with you to create a plan to best set yourself apart from the pack, minimise the points where you are currently being beaten to help develop an aspirational brand that customers will want to be associated with pride.


  • Suggestions on expansion or culling of product ranges

  • Development of your own regional distributor deals.

  • Profitability is paramount, so too is getting the sale in the first instance. Pricing also often indicates to a person, whether they like it or not, that a company is either low or high end. How you position your pricing can be consciously adjusted to obtain a desired outcome.

  • Quality of workmanship: No excuses, accepting and paying for mistakes / template for achievement / job sheets / attention to detail.


  • Online magazines, forums, social and other digital media can all be considered. Once again any design and word-smithing requirements are handled. We can help wade through the endless options of online advertising campaigns to find those suitable for the greatest reach at the smallest cost.
  • Having established a marketing strategy and in the event that print media (magazines, fliers, brochures, sales materials) is deemed to be a part of it, we assist in word-smithing, and all aspects of design, advertising schedules, magazine placements and pricing.


  • Virtually all small to medium sized performance workshops lack at least some if not all of the appropriate contracts for everything from employee contracts, sublet agreements, dealership proposals or even appropriate workshop and/or dyno disclaimers. This can leave businesses vulnerable and what you feel to be agreed verbal or implied commitments ‘open to interpretation’, which can make conflict resolution vastly more difficult. We can help create the appropriate paperwork so that you don’t have to.
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