Historically speaking, employing a consultancy firm means you are paying for one person and their ‘experience’ only. This is another place where Supercharged Consulting differs.

Below is a list of individual consultants you could employ, however with us you get all of the below included in the one team.


Business Consultant: This type of consultant is hired on the basis as being someone who knows how to help a business turn a profit, and offers good business sense. One very important area lacking from most consultants, is that they typically have never been anywhere near the automotive industry, have never owned an automotive business, worked in an automotive workshop or dealership, written automotive editorials or designed and implemented advertisements in an automotive magazine or website. Yet they are a dime a dozen - after computer consulting, people in this field are the next most numerous.


Advertising Consultant: This type of consultant is normally hired by a business to develop a strategic advertising campaign.


Marketing Consultant: These consultants typically aid a business in writing a marketing plan, as well with developing concepts that help promote the business.


Business Writing Consultant: Everyone knows that most business people have trouble writing reports, in fact, they often have a problem penning even a simple memo. Enter the business writing consultant.


Writing Services Consultant: Anything related to the written word is always in demand.


Communications Consultant: Communications Consultants specialize in helping employees in large and small businesses alike to better communicate with each other, which ultimately makes the business more efficient and operate smoothly.


Editorial Services Consultant: From producing newsletters to annual reports, Editorial Consultants are often employed by larger businesses.


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